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It looks amazing! Don’t believe me? I will let the Tet pictures speak for me so that you can feel what Vietnamese New Year looks like. Let’s go!!!

Actually we rarely enjoy the same dishes as usual, but something very traditional. Here are 9 typical yummy dishes for Tet.

Vietnamese new year (Tết) is the biggest celebration in Vietnam. When Tet is about to come, everyone in my country is busy preparing many unique activities to welcome it. Curious how the Vietnamese celebrate the lunar new year? Here are 11 special things we usually do.

Yes! People eat dogs in Vietnam, but this practice is common now only among a minority of the population, 6.3% to be exact. Let’s find out why?

Bargaining is pretty common in Vietnam! You can definitely negotiate with local vendors to have a good deal. Here are 8 tips to help you bargain in Vietnam like a local!

As only 7.4% of the Vietnamese population are Christians, many international friends wonder if we actually celebrate Christmas in Vietnam. If yes, what is the difference between Vietnam and Western countries in the way we enjoy this most wonderful time of the year? Find out the answer here!

There is no single rule about a Vietnamese meal. You can cook and eat whatever you want.

However, the majority of a daily meal in Vietnam is usually a tray with 5 main dishes: rice, soup, stir-fried vegetable, savory dishes (meat, fish), and 1 small bowl of dipping sauce (usually fish sauce).

Personally, I really love it! It’s diversified, full of nutrients, and very delicious. It would be a great experience if you could enjoy it during your trip to Vietnam.

Many foreign tourists are surprised and delighted to see many Vietnamese women, especially in the countryside, wearing pyjamas on the street.

Actually, we don’t call them pyjamas but Đồ Bộ in Vietnamese.

As they are very comfortable to wear, the majority of Vietnamese women love them. Accordingly, they choose them as a daily outfit. They use it as the main clothes for daily activities from home routines to gardening, farming, even going to parties and markets.

My mom is an example.

Apart from Áo Dài, her wardrobe is now full of Đồ Bộ. She loves them because they are very soft to wear, they look cool and fit her well.

Sometimes I say a joke to her “Mom, you should wear Đồ Bộ to participate in the Milan Fashion Week. I’m sure you would become famous thanks to these clothes” 😂

She said “Exactly! btw your mother is beautiful no matter what she wears hahaha” I cannot agree more.

Vietnamese fish sauce (Nuoc Mam sauce) is a special spice that helps many Vietnamese dishes taste amazing. However, many people hate the fish sauce smell. Is its odor really that stinky? If so, why? Here is the answer!

Want to diversify your daily menu? Why not try Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. It’s fresh, tasty, and very easy to make. Here is the recipe!

Rap has taken over the music industry the past few years throughout the world. Long considered as an underground music genre, it’s now being broadcasted almost everywhere. But what about Vietnamese Rap? Is rap popular in Vietnam at all? Learn more!

Known as the center of culture and history of Vietnam, Hanoi is the land of many unique and interesting things that could amaze you. I selected here the top 10 places to visit in Hanoi that you cannot miss. Learn more!

A study has been made on 682 beer drinkers in Vietnam, revealing that 75% of them regularly have ice cubes in their beer. Learn more!

Vietnam is a real paradise for people who love food. Even if you’re allergic to peanuts, there’s still a wide range of choices for you. Here are the 10 best Vietnamese food without peanuts that you should try once. Learn more!

Well, not only fake money, but we also have fake houses, cars, motorbikes, and gold legally sold in Vietnam. How can such a thing be authorized? Learn more!

The art of Vietnamese cooking is based on the yin-yang balance and the philosophy of five-element correspondence. Accordingly, it’s delicious, healthy, and balanced. Learn more!

Ao Dai Vietnam is a Vietnamese national garment and is honored to be worn on formal and special occasions. Someone said that Ao Dai Vietnam covers everything, but hides nothing. Learn more! 

Ho Chi Minh city is the biggest city in Vietnam in terms of population and development. Many Vietnamese people as well as expats from over the world have decided to settle down here as the people here are friendly, helpful, and generous. Learn more!

Yes, it is! Balut in Vietnam (Hột vịt lộn or Trứng vịt lộn) is obviously one of the most favorite dishes of Vietnamese people while it is a real nightmare to eat for international friends. Learn more!

The Vietnamese eat almost every part of a chicken, especially dishes made of chicken feet are delicious. Learn more!

Located in the centre of Vietnam, Binh Dinh converges all the beauties from nature, from amazing beaches to magnificent mountains as well as unique temples. Here are the top 5 attractions in Binh Dinh you should visit once in your life. Learn more!