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If you’re here, it probably means you’re curious to know more about this blog and my story.

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My Story

Xin chào,

My name is Thi Tam Do (but people just simply call me Tam).
I’m made in Vietnam, but currently labelled in France. 

In my point of view, life is like a movie, and we are the main actor and actress. Our movie can be short, can be long, sometimes it’s interesting with a lot of dramas and twists, sometimes it’s nothing but boring.

If you have a choice, what scenario will you pick? For me, I would love to choose a life worth watching for my future children. And from here, everything begins

Why this blog ?

It’s unfortunate to know that Vietnam associates with the image of war in the past but a country of peace and happiness in the present. It’s unfortunate to know that our rich culture and traditions, our beautiful landscape of nature, and many great things remain unknown to many people. This makes me wonder how to make international friends get to know Vietnam better. 

In addition, when I applied for the Eiffel scholarship, the proposal of my professional project was to leverage what I studied from my Master in marketing to do something meaningful for Vietnam. I won the scholarship and officially graduated in May 2021. It’s time now to do my promise.

That’s why this blog was born.

With the AMA Vietnam blog, I would like to push boundaries of the distance to tell you stories of a dynamic and beautiful Vietnam. In short, this blog plays as a bridge to bring Vietnam closer to the world and vice versa.

I hope that you enjoy discovering my blog, get to know more about my country. Who knows that one day we may meet in Vietnam to eat balut, having a glass of iced beer, and cheering “1-2-3 dô”.

Thank you and welcome to Vietnam! 🙂

P.S: A message for you

1: Asking questions is a good way to learn something new.
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As its name "Ask Me Anything about Vietnam", the concept of my blog is Q&A. You ask and I answer. So feel free to feed AMA Vietnam any question you have in mind now. Just ask me!
2: Am I able to answer any questions about Vietnam?
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I simply cannot know all. But I am willing to do more research, combining with my blended view of a local living abroad to give answers as clear and reasonable as possible. This makes me love what I am doing as it not only helps international friends get to know more about Vietnam but also a chance for me to learn more about my country.
3: English is not my mother tongue
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Building AMA Vietnam in a second language is a real challenge. However, it's not a big deal when the project is meaningful and I am passionate about what I write. If I misspelled somewhere or the structure is a bit weird, please take it easy 🙂

And a huge thanks to Théo!

The AMA Vietnam blog won’t be completed without big help from my partner. Thank you very much Théo for all of your support, encouragement, and love.
Bisous <3