What does Vietnamese New Year look like?

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It looks amazing! Don't believe me? I will let the Tet pictures speak for me so that you can feel what Vietnamese New Year looks like. Let's go!!!

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Vietnamese New Year, or Tet, is happening. As this is the most special festival in Vietnam, I’ve been fond of writing 3 articles about it.

If you missed those articles on Tet and are curious to learn more about it, I highly recommend you to have a lot at them:

And today with this article, I would love to share with you the Vietnamese New Year in visual rather than text.

As pictures speak louder than words, I hope that these photos below will bring Tet’s atmosphere and our Tet happiness to you, no matter where you are now.

Enjoy and Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! 🙂

Ao Dai Tet

As a traditional Vietnamese national garment, it’s obvious that Ao Dai is a common choice to wear during the Vietnamese New Year. 

From children to adults, from women to men, from traditional or modern style, Ao Dai always fits you well and makes you beautiful the way you are.

Ao Dai Tet in Vietnamese New Year 1
Ao Dai Tet for Children 1
Ao Dai Tet for Children 2
Ao Dai Tet in Vietnamese New Year 2
Ao Dai Tet in Vietnamese New Year 3

Tet Food

In my previous article What is the traditional Vietnamese food for Tet?, I’ve already shared with you a list of 9 typical yummy dishes. Not only how they taste but also the reasons why they are special for Tet.

The picture right below is what my friends and I cooked to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year in France. 

Tet food
Bánh Thuẫn is a traditional Tet cake
Bánh Thuẫn, a traditional cake to treat guests during the Tet holidays in Central, Vietnam.

Li Xi Tet (Lucky money)

Li xi Tet is one of the indispensable activities during the Vietnamese New Year. Especially for children, it’s beyond a gift. The feeling of opening a lucky envelope and discovering how much they could have, it’s just amazing.

As its name “lucky money”, Li xi Tet also symbolizes a wish for a lucky year to receivers. Btw, I received 30 euros for my li xi this Tet 🙂

Tet Lucky Money Vietnamese New Year 1
Tet Lucky Money in Vietnamese New Year 2
Tet vibes

Reunion during Tet

Tet is time for family as well as friends. Here are some moments we gather all together to celebrate it whether we are in Vietnam or abroad.

Reunion during Vietnamese New Year
Reunion during Vietnamese New Year 1
Reunion during Vietnamese New Year 3

Tet Karaoke

As you might know, one of the most popular entertainments in Vietnam is Karaoke. And the Vietnamese New Year is the biggest festival of the year, there’s no surprise that we sing Karaoke a lot during Tet.

Tet karaoke

Over to you

Tet is very important to Vietnamese people. That’s why we really spend our time welcoming it, enjoying it, and sharing it with our international friends.

After reading this article, do you know what are the 3 main colors of Tet? Tell me in the comment below 🙂

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. Another article in the Vietnamese culture and traditions series will be published soon. So, stay tuned!

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2 Responses

  1. Being together as families during our new year celebrations has been disappearing slowly over the last 40 years in our culture. I still remember having family get together’s at the grandparents, but as they passed away it became less family together every year until it rarely happens nowadays, not even blaming the covid and it’s aftermath for that. It’s as if the struggle to stay ahead of ever increasing living expenses has driven the Western worlds people apart to an extend that we are losing each other. I applaud your country and it’s people for the way they have rebuild the country and kept the families and their friendly nature alive. I wish more of us can enjoy life like you. Thank you for sharing this with me, I appreciate it. Greetings of love.

    1. Thanks for sharing Johan!

      Gathering all family members is an ideal option for the Tet holiday, but if we couldn’t, we can have a small reunion with the ones we can, as long as we enjoy the moment of Tet and its spirit.

      I wish you a Tiger year full of strong health and luck. Chúc mừng năm mới 🙂

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